This page lists some digital prototypes that are mostly related to language, linguistics and teaching. Listed in time order of conception.

ELTtalk bingo – next time you are at a ELT conference why not play this? : )

BNC gender words – mainly experimenting with how to extract data from xml files from the British National Corpus you may or may not find the tool of use.

PHaVE Phrasal verb dictionary – probably the most useful one for ELT bods or so I like to think. If you have an Android phone try this –

Phonogon vowel chart – implementation of Mark Hancock’s PronPack a  nice alternative to the Adrian Underhill chart.

A couple of collocation quizzes – not that interesting (code from

Uk2015 and UK2010 Election manifestos – experiments in venn clouds again of limited interested (code from

Motion chart of unsplit and split infinitives with NOT from COHA corpus

Motion chart of verbs following TRY TO, TRY AND from COHA corpus

Motion chart of verbs followed by ING or TO verb forms from COHA corpus

Note the motion charts are not displaying currently as Flash not supported by browsers now. Hope to sort that when I can.

Annotating audio – debate and rhetoric example based on example by Tom Woodward –

Following on from above experiment with wavesurfer – a drag drop audio player, useful for rewinding and forwarding using waveform

One way to get students to transcribe a portion of video/audio.

One way to do some micro-listening.

A way to do some listening and reading – Interactive transcript.

Note that all the code listed here is not mine, but teachers can remix (and not need to know too much about)  similar code for their own projects as I described in this article (pdf) – Messing about with other people’s code and alternative teacher development