This page lists some digital prototypes that are mostly related to language, linguistics and teaching. Listed in time order of conception.

ELTtalk bingo – next time you are at a ELT conference why not play this? : )

BNC gender words – mainly experimenting with how to extract data from xml files from the British National Corpus you may or may not find the tool of use.

PHaVE Phrasal verb dictionary – probably the most useful one for ELT bods or so I like to think. If you have an Android phone try this –

Phonogon vowel chart – implementation of Mark Hancock’s PronPack a  nice alternative to the Adrian Underhill chart.

A couple of collocation quizzes – not that interesting (code from

Uk2015 and UK2010 Election manifestos – experiments in venn clouds again of limited interested (code from

Motion chart of unsplit and split infinitives with NOT from COHA corpus

Annotating audio – debate and rhetoric example based on example by Tom Woodward –

Note that all the code listed here is not mine, but teachers can remix (and not need to know too much about)  similar code for their own projects as I described in this article (pdf) – Messing about with other people’s code and alternative teacher development