IATEFL 2012 conference – mobile program review

IATEFL 2012 kicks off in Glasgow today, and as part of the army of registered bloggers my first post is a quick and dirty review of the conference program for Android devices.

Size of program(as taken up on device) – 5.04MB.

The home-screen is clear and straightforward:

IATEFL conference program homescreen

The programme icon takes you to this screen organised into time slots:

IATEFL 2012 conference program programme1

Drilling down into the first time slot we get this screen:

IATEFL 2012 conference program programme2One improvement on the above would be to get the titles to fit onto the screen.

Drilling down again we get this screen:

IATEFL 2012 conference program programme3

A table of icons and their functions:

Icon What it does?
IATEFL 2012 conference program map icon Map function which does not seem to be working
IATEFL conference program join me icon Join me icon and the share icon seem to be doing the same thing – notifying others of event
 IATEFL conference program share icon  Share icon – see above
 IATEFL 2012 conference program notes icon  Allows you to take notes of events
 IATEFL 2012 conference program planner icon  Inserts the event into your planner diary
 IATEFL 2012 conference program bookmark icon  Bookmarks events

The following screen shows an example of the planner with an event inserted:

IATEFL 2012 conference program planner example

The planner needs an overview of events over the four days so one can see things at a glance.

The next screenshot shows an example of a bookmarked event:

IATEFL 2012 conference program bookmark example

The following two screenshots are of the notes function:

IATEFL 2012 conference program notes1IATEFL 2012 conference program notes2

The search function is key in a program such as this and searching ‘lingua franca’ we get:

IATEFL 2012 conference program search example1

The search function displays results according to event and speaker. It is a bit buggy, it does not seem to do acronyms of 3 or less since at least 4 characters need to be entered, and there is no search history available.


On my basic smartphone (CPU 528Mhz, RAM 192Mb) the performance was not good although bearable.

So to sum up the program is a good first attempt, the home-screen is intuitive to use. The planner needs an overview of all four days; some work needs to be done to improve the search function; some functions such as maps need to be enabled and other functions such as join me and share seem redundant.

Eric Baber promotes the conference mobile program here (0:33 to 2:37):