A Pron Chart Zoo

I have joined the EVO 2015 session on pronunciation called Teaching Pronunciation Differently. It has started off very well, learning loads, for example the existence of weak vowel cousins of the schwa, the schwi and the schwu. By chance around the same time Mark Hancock released his version of a vowel chart made up of hexagons:

Mark's Vowel Chart
Mark’s Vowel Chart

I thought this was pretty neat and hacked up a web version.

Most teachers will be aware of Adrian Underhill’s chart:

Adrian Underhill’s Phonemic Chart

and some people will have seen the IPA chart:

IPA Chart

There is also the AHEPS vowel clock which is based on haptic movement and touch:

AHEPS Vowel Clock

There is the PronSci Rectangle chart based on articulation:

The PronSci Rectangle Chart

The Kinephones chart which has examples of use in sentences (h/t @HancockMcDonald):

The Kinephones Chart
The Kinephones Chart

A chart using phrases not words:

ELTmakers Chart
ELTmakers Chart

And finally (there may well be others please let me know in comments) there is the vowel space chart based on frequency patterns (h/t @ELTMAKERS) :

Vowel Space Chart

I hope you have enjoyed this quick tour of the pron chart zoo.

Update 1:

An interesting chart showing possible consonants that would be amenable to lip reading:

Why lipreading is hard, linguistically speaking

Update 2:

A tactile version of Adrien Underhill’s chart made of plasticine:

Tactile version Underhill chart

Update 3:

Scott Thornbury wanted a chart for his US students so he made one (h/t EVO15 Teaching Pronunication Differently):

Thornbury, US Eng
Scott Thornbury General American English chart

Another US English chart called Color Vowel chart (h/t bzznora):

Color vowel chart

Update 4:

Neat chart with sound recording at very slow speed, flat tone, falling tone and in context word (h/t Alena B):

Dipthong-Triphthong chart

A supra-segmentals chart:

Supra-segmentals chart

Update 5:

An online lingo illustrated vowel chart – Bishes vowel chart : )

Bishes Vowel Chart