IATEFL 2012 conference – elephant in the room

These were some of the thoughts I had as I was drafting this post :

Adrian Underhill difficult vs messy,

You’ve had a very difficult year since August last year

Jamie Keddie deconstructing videos,

It’s been very challenging in many ways

What things can be said to be challenging? Is opening up a drop in language centre in a partly occupied country a good candidate? Does challenging denote a problem that enriches us in some way whether personally or materially?

Just how subversive (Luke Meddings/Lindsay Clanfield) is providing trainingĀ to occupied peoples

…particularly to take part inĀ  military training programmes

in the occupying force’s homeland?

What kind of not-talked-about-theory (Willy Cardoso) would

…local teachers to deliver our training…

end up delivering?

My final thoughts settled on illustrating idioms such as elephant in the room:

Interview with Nicole Janneker, British Council, Afghanistan.