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Quick cup of COCA – lemma and POS

I was reading the following which is part of a forum discussion by a French poster: This is clearly more complicated to port, but the benefit can be very important, OpenPandora Boards comment It caught my attention as I am interested in the uses French speakers of English have of the word important (e.g. see … Continue reading

Quick cup of COCA – quantifier/determiner + preposition + relative pronoun

As part of teaching relative clauses, getting good examples of a structure such as  one of which, many of which, some of whom, i.e. quantifier/determiner + preposition + relative pronoun had always been a bit tricky. Recently I used COCA to help me find some useful sentences. The appropriate search term is [mc*]|[d*] of which|whom|whose|who. … Continue reading

COCA aside

Make sure to check out my Quick cup of COCA posts if you want to see some examples of short corpus use with the BYU COCA corpus.

Quick cup of COCA – bring to * boil

Click on image above to go to result screen. Short post to show another example and power of the wildcard asterix. The image shows the results of comparing /bring to * boil/ in the American COCA and the British BNC. A tweet  by @AnneHendler asked /In British English, is it considered more acceptable to say … Continue reading

Quick cup of COCA – synonym brackets equals

Click image to see results of search. The class was looking at phrasal verbs and one of the example sentences had the word “chimney”, someone asked what are synonyms to chimney. I was stumped but a quick cuppa COCA came to the rescue. In order of most frequent to least COCA said: Pipe, stack, chimney, … Continue reading

Quick cup of COCA – wildcard asterix

Click image to see results of search. This may or may not turn into a series of short posts on my experience of trying to use the COCA corpus in class. Inspired by the comments to this post by Kevin Stein/@kevchanwow. A student in my TOEIC class, when we were looking at adjective endings -ED … Continue reading

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