The Pirate Bay AFK – web related lexis

The documentary The Pirate Bay Away from Keyboard was released recently. I used some of the text from the English subtitles in a gapped sentences exercise (most of the film is in Swedish):

1: Half of all BitTorrent tr_____ is coordinated by the Pirate Bay. It’s extreme amounts of tr_____.

2: There are 22-25 million us____ at this very moment.

3: A user is defined as one ongoing up_____ or download.

4: This is the web s____. Data base and search fu____n.

5: The _______ are over there. This little piece is the ______. It’s the world’s biggest ______.

6: Not so many computers,but powerful and well-con_____.

7: How the hell can prosecutor Roswall mix up mega___ and megabyte?

8: Generally speaking, for st_____ you use byte and when you measure speed you use bit.

9: I had a spare l___ which I let him use for the site. It was from British Telecom.

10: So the US government ordered us to re_____ the site. We fought them for a long time before we re_____ed it.

11: After a while we cl____ it d____, when it became too much of a fuss.

12: Two months later Gottfrid needed more ba_____ for the Pirate Bay. I still had that line available.

Unsurprisingly sentence 5 caused the most difficulty, sentence 9 was also tricky. I then showed the film up to the 19 minute 29 seconds mark.

I asked the class to watch the rest of the film and think about two things – Was it a good documentary? and What issues were raised in the film? They should be prepared to discuss this for the next class.

You may be wondering why I chose to use a film that was mainly spoken in Swedish? The average listening comprehension level of my multi-media classes is at A2/B1 and from previous experience asking them to listen to a 1h 22m film in English would be asking too much. The translated titles are simple enough for them to read.

I intend to work with the gapped sentences again in the next class, possibly in the form of a dictogloss.

Key to gapped sentences:

1: traffic

2: users

3: upload

4: server; function

5: tracker

6: configured

7: megabit

8: storage

9: link

10: remove

11: close down

12: bandwidth

Hope you found this activity useful.