A sample of stuff people elsewhere have kindly allowed me to write on:

Celebrity Collocations with Monco in Humanising Language Teaching magazinehttp://old.hltmag.co.uk/oct16/idea.htm (webpage)

Google Giveth and Google Taketh, Developments in Google as a Corpus in Humanising Language Teaching magazine – http://old.hltmag.co.uk/jun15/idea.htm (webpage).

Messing about with other people’s code and alternative teacher development in IATEFL TDSIG newsletter – TDSIG-article (pdf).

An edited re-post of interview with Mike Boyle over at ELTJam – http://eltjam.com/grassroots-language-technology/ (webpage)

A post about using language datasets  (webpage) over at the Digital and Mobile Language Learning site which has some great articles worth reading.

A worksheet (doc) which aims to develop corpus use literacy originally written for the now defunct Disabled Access Friendly site.

My posts at ELT Research Bites Archive.