This page will collect a list of open access research repos and directories I use and find effective. If you have found any others that you use please let me know.

Yazikopen: an online directory linking to more than 4000 modern languages articles.

CORE: a collecton of a number of open access repos.

British Council directory of UK ELT research 2002-12: although this has no direct links to papers it can be a good jump point.

JSTOR: limited to 3 papers every two weeks.

Directory of Open Access Journals: indexes and provides access to quality-controlled Open Access Journals and their articles.

EdITLib: papers and abstracts on education and information technology though most need a subscription to read 😦

Note – if a paper is not available for some reason from a repo, a google search often digs up the required title.


sci-hub to the rescue!!! or or or


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