#IATEFL 2016 – conference app review

Four years ago my first IATEFL 2012 blog post was a quick review of the conference mobile app. Back then mobile apps and mobile learning was the buzz. Back then I stubbornly used the term program in my post instead of app as my way of highlighting the consumerisation of software. Either that or I just wanted to be contrary and pretentious. Anyhoo, onto 2016 and another quick & dirty review of the conference app.

By some accounts there were issues with its availability and some problems with some of the functions. Now everything seems to be sorted and the app is ok. When I say ok, this is less a comment on the app itself and more a comment on today’s blasé adoption of apps into the everyday. I’ll stop there and spare you any more musings, onto the app!

Downloading the app from Google Play Store, the permissions pop up poses the question as to why the identity permission is asked for?


In my case not too bothered as I have a program that can disable any permissions I do not want.

The home page shows a number of sections on the left and two sections on the bottom:

There is a nice touch with the keyword hunt to win a prize via the Reward Card section to enter a prize draw (anyone know what the prize is?):


Adding items to My Agenda is straightforward and it’s nice to be able to link through to item details easily from an agenda entry. I recall in the 2012 version this was more cumbersome.


Likewise the My Notes are ok except not sure how to enter entry in category other than General Notes?


Clicking on Notes on Documentation or Notes on Conference had no effect.

The Business Card Swap is a nice idea, as I rarely remember to print business cards this could be a nice replacement:


The Floor Plan section seems standard, good resolution, able to zoom in and out:


So all in all an ok app. I wonder how the software landscape will change in 4 more years?

Thanks for reading and enjoy the conference.


4 thoughts on “#IATEFL 2016 – conference app review

  1. hi Matthew
    yr welcome : )
    i use xprivacy which is an xposed framework add-on i.e. you need phone to be rooted and xposed framework installed; there may be a privacy app that does not require this on store?

    edit – Android 6 Marshmallow lets you set permissions for apps

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