Offline (doku) wiki writing

Here are some screenshots of my next little experiment using PirateBox:


This time with an another program (Server for PHP) that serves up a wiki (DokuWiki).

The main task has been described in a previous post.

I plan to also use the opportunity of the students getting to know the DokuWiki interface to practice some prepositions of place such as shown in the following screenshot. i.e. on the top right, next to, below:


If there is any interest in detailing how to get this set up on your android phone do leave a comment.

Thanks to Dan for helping me test the set up and thanks to you for reading.


4 thoughts on “Offline (doku) wiki writing

  1. I’m intrigued by his, but I’m missing some precious context on how this activity is set up. Saw the video, but I’m not sure how students came to write together. Is there another blog post I could check out for context?

    1. hi Laura

      you set up pairs of students, each reads a different (but related) text; then get them to share what they read with partner and finally write together a summary of their texts and how they are related

      when i did it before with google docs i wanted to get the pairs to have a look at the other pairs work and make comments. however doing that seemed cumbersome in google docs (i.e. would have needed to give all pairs the doc url address of other pairs).

      i am thinking with a wiki it will be more straightforward to do this kind of reading and commenting

      let me know if u have any more Q’s

      also would you be interested in knowing how to set this up on your phone?


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