A 2nd tipple of the TED Corpus Search Engine

Here is a short (and no doubt to some obvious) note about working with the TED Corpus Search Engine,TCSE. I was looking at examples of the use of route, there are 126 results. I want my students to go through these and transcribe the 2 different ways the word is said. 126 is however too long, so a simple way to reduce this is to use the n-gram feature.

For 2-grams we get:

1 route to 13
2 the route 12
3 route of 5
4 a route 6
5 this route 4

So I could use route to with strong students with 13 examples that they would have to listen to and this route with weak students as they would just need to examine 4 examples.

FYI TCSE can now play search term immediately with an option to start 10 seconds earlier.

Thanks for reading.

P.S. Do check out the first tipple of the TCSE if you haven’t yet.

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