#Lexconf2013 – Novice workshop-talk hues

As mentioned in my #lexconf2013 conference summary this post outlines my first “proper” workshop-talk experience.

Things will go wrong, more so in cases where technology is involved.* My workshop had 5 computers in total, 4 of which were kindly provided by the event organisers. Unfortunately two programs were not installed on these computers so bringing a copy of software on a key is vital. I wasted time trying to find a solution to one of the missing programs and only arrived at a partial solution in any case.

Forty-five minutes really translates into 35-40 mins adding 5-10 mins waiting for conference attendees to arrive and settle. So subtract 10mins from official talk length.

Related to timing with workshops is how important it is to focus on a limited amount of content. I was too ambitious in what I wanted to cover. This I guess comes with experience.

Wish for great plenary sessions in your conference 🙂 so that you have an interesting source of common experience which you can use to connect to your audience. It also helps to calm your nerves as you are thinking about a great plenary you have just heard rather than overthinking your impending talk.

Reading about other teacher experiences really does help e.g. Ava Fruin/@avafruin courageously blogged about her first talk from conception to post talk reflection.

To get a taste of my talk you can check a remixed version (resolution can be switched to high def for clearer image), many thanks to the workshop participants for their questions and feedback.

*Even giants like Google battle the tech gremlins and lose – http://youtu.be/Rd_UrSB1MAY?t=13m8s

3 thoughts on “#Lexconf2013 – Novice workshop-talk hues

  1. I think you have reflected very well on your talk, and despite the glitches I think it made a good alternative kind of session in it’s very practical nature. Thanks for coming! I’ll be posting links to all the talks over the next week or so – trying to space them out a bit as well as being a bit short of time to get them all done.

    1. hi andrew

      thanks a lot for the opportunity and encouraging words, as i mentioned in the pub it’s given me confidence to apply to do talk for tesol france, look fwd to rest of the talk links and summaries.

      p.s. i read this recently Engaging lecturers can breed overconfidence http://bps-research-digest.blogspot.fr/2013/05/engaging-lecturers-can-breed.html

      food for presentation thought 🙂

      link to pdf of version of paper http://sites.williams.edu/nk2/files/2011/08/Carpenter.Wilford.Kornell.Mullaney.inpress1.pdf

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