IATEFL 2013 – Lexical, corpora, intercultural timetable

Using the IATEFL 2013 conference program I searched the schedule for lexical, corpora and intercultural focused sessions. This year’s version of the program (see my review of last year’s version) allows you to export your planner to your phone calendar. I don’t understand why the login account is different to the login for the IATEFL 2013 online account, or what it actually syncs to?

There are two four clashes on the timetable which is no problem as a virtual participant. 🙂

So thanks very much to the IATEFL 2013 online team for giving everyone a chance to attend. To get more lexical related teaching make sure to check the Lexical Teaching Conference – as described by Andrew Walkley and as described by Leo Selivan on Saturday May 11.



Noticed that the Willis’s Jane and Dave presenting so added them and updated my timetable.


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