Minimal evidence tweets?

A quick thought related to the recent attention paid to evidence in education e.g. ResearchED 2013. What would constitute the minimum evidence for you to consider tweeting/linking to an intervention claiming to improve or beat a traditional one?

How about this link titled Artificially Intelligent Textbook Helps Students Learn, Boosts Test Scores? Fairly threadbare on relevant info no? What about this New Scientist link to the same story? The intelligent textbook that helps students learn. More info on the treatment and control groups yet no info on say statistical significance, if groups randomly assigned or how blind the study was?

Then what do we find when we get to the company website January 2012 evaluation – <<result was not statistically significant>>. :/

What for you would be a minimal evidence tweet?


2 thoughts on “Minimal evidence tweets?

  1. I guess it depends on the claim. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence right? “x method ‘helps’ vocab acquisition slightly” would need less evidence than “listening practice worsens students listening ability”.

    1. very much so.

      what i would like to reduce is amount of time finding out for myself, call me lazy. it took me about 30-40mins to find that crucial piece of info about stat significance, possibly an improvement on pre-internet era (e.g. if you only read that in New Scientist mag you would be none the wiser) so some positives there 🙂

      thanks for commenting.

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