South Park, web user requirements meeting

Another net search revealed this gem of a video that can be used to illustrate lexis of user requirements meetings. The comment under the video also provides some useful language.

I used the video using the listening from the middle approach, this time I got students to come up to the board to transcribe what they heard. I play the extracted mp3 from 1:05(‘To help you out…) to 1:57(“I must not have…”)

After the transcription onto the board, and after asking students to predict what came before and what comes after the recording they just transcribed*, I ask them to note down all words related to web/internetΒ  as they watch the whole video.

I then play the video.

Possible word list to review:

user requirements (sessions)

web application

(running through) log in process

new user (would encounter)

(when) visiting our site

welcome screen images

user (may encounter)

(based on) an algorithm

pages (require different) routing

(check out) pages

(filled out) the registration data

the system (will take them to)

visit the […] page

(automatically) signs them up to

spam list

my myspace page

updated to the latest version

(accept) changes to the word doc (I sent)

jump to page

users are taken

new to our site

existing customer

dead-end with no exit

address that bug


The text in brackets are optional depending on focus of lesson.

As homework for the next session I then asked the class to think of all the stages involved in designing and building a web application or website, pick one of the stages and invent a dialogue using appropriate and relevant vocabulary.

Although I did not use the written note under the video I may use it next time say as a gap fill to revise related vocabulary:

The video was originally made for a one-time only showing at the 2007 iRise user conference held in Las Vegas. These “user requirements” meetings are held when a business is in the process of building a web application, and need to figure out what to build and how. Over simplification of the steps involved:

1. You meet and discuss what it is you want to build
2. You construct a huge requirements document which lays out the process and specifications
3. You meet and review whats been built and it hardly resembles what you first discussed

Hope you enjoyed this and found it useful.

*For some reason it was hard going to get them to imagine what came before/what comes after except for, of course, predicting that Kenny dies!


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