IATEFL 2012 – Robert O’Neill

If people don’t disagree with you, if you’re not confused, you don’t know what the fuck is going on

Robert O’Neill, Glasgow, IATEFL 2012

Watch from 28:50 to 33:35

There should also be an interview that IATEFL team did yesterday with him but can’t find it!?

4 thoughts on “IATEFL 2012 – Robert O’Neill

  1. Funny! But very relevant points about EFL writing being for a specific audience. Something we fail to take into consideration with our fetish for authenticity…

    1. there’s an interview he did at IATEFL where he expands a bit more on this but can’t seem to find it on IATEFL so far!

  2. By the way, FYI – ESL / EFL distinction is not necessary about ‘what’ you teacher but rather the context in which you teach:
    ESL (second language) in a context where learners are exposed to the second language outside the classroom. e.g. a Japanese student learning English in Australia.
    EFL (foreign language) in a context where learners will mostly likely not be exposed to the foreign language outside the classroom. e.g. a French student learning English in France.
    Lines are blurred, of course…

    1. thanks initially i thought esl was so because learning a second language acknowledges the validity of first language and the relatedness of human language? whereas foreign denotes something other and separation of human languages?

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