Video in the classroom – equipment

This post is about the player that I use to show video. Please note that this is not the most ideal player – an ideal one would play any and all video formats and be very easy to use for the average person.

The GP2X (model F100)

This is a handheld from Korea, it is able to play DivX/Xvid video files. I use a video convertor to convert files to the DivX format. It crucially also has a TV out port (S-Video) so that you can hook it up to a TV or a projector. The first picture shows the player in a case.

The following pictures show it with the case closed and a mobile phone next to it for a size comparison; the player in my bag along with a portable speaker (the blue object) and a see through case containing the power adapter and video cable; and finally a shot of my bag when closed.

Hopefully the above pictures should give you a good idea of the portability of the player.

Plus points:

  • Portable
  • TV out

Negative points:

  • Can only play DivX formated files
  • Not very user friendly

Note that there is a new version of the player – model number F200, which has a touchscreen and more powerful speakers.

My next post will describe the software and related processes needed to use video files taken from the net on this player.


See updated equipment post

2 thoughts on “Video in the classroom – equipment

  1. Interesting.. my wife is also an English teacher. She wanted to start a blog about teacher’s salaries, though, and how teachers should get together to request better work circumstances. What do you think about it ?

  2. hi there J Wilhelm

    thanks for taking the time to comment; yes i think doing a blog about teacher pay and conditions is a great idea. let me know if she sets it up and i can help with whatever 🙂

    note the next promised post will appear soonish – had no time recently!



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